About our Company

Babirwa IT group was established in 2015 and the owner has over 10 years experience in the computer retail market, he has the extensive knowledge and experience in the Information Technology.


Our Mission

The mission at Babirwa IT Group is to add value and to contribute to our clients' long term success and competitive strength. This is accomplished by helping clients to identify solutions that improve performance, by assisting them on making the right choice in their IT infrastructure implementation.
We also believe that the success of every project will be determined by the considerations given during the selection of a competent vendor. We possess proven ability to deliver and committed to provide quality products and services.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best Business IT Solutions Company serving the small to medium sized business community.



We open 6 days a week. From 08H00 to 17H00 Monday to Friday and 09H00 to 12H00 on Saturdays.

You can call us during our office hours for inquiries. Click Here for our contact details.